Designer Phan Thi Phung: I want to honor the beauty woman


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Edited from: Fashion & Passion. The interview the designer introducing her new collection was broadcasted on VTV3 - Vietnam Television Station

Designer Phan Thi Phung: I wish to honor the women’s beauty.

Suddenly missing while Angel Phan has been broadcasted almost all fashion shows on television nationwide, this brandname mistress – the designer Phan Thi Phung – has surprisingly been back with fully creative, novel, and western-style collections.

Winning many prizes in Beauty contests such as Student Belle, Top ten – the most stylish prize in Miss Vietnam Woman 2003, the catwalk door was widely open to the model Phan Thi Phung. Why did you suddenly change your career to fashion design?

When I was at the age of 20s, I had many passions, but the most passionate desire was to make dresses which are honor women beauty. I was sorry that I had to leave the model career, but when opportunities came along with my plan, I had to choose to start my desire.

After a short time, the brand name Angel Phan which you have built has become more and more familiar with television audiences. You were invited to design clothes for many big shows such as: Vietnam Charming of Thanh Nien Press, Mai Vang Award of Nguoi Lao Dong Press, Television Singing Star, Style and Passion… and “cover” almost all the Fashion and Life program – HTV and VTV station. However, in 2008, why did Angel Phan “disappear” for a long time and it just started to be back ?


In fact, at the “disappear” time, I was very busy: I received many invitation from fashion program, and there is the number of customer for Angel Phan its self… but at that time, I decided to leave attending shows aside temporary, and spent 1 year travelling was been many places, especially US to research and study new tailoring techniques, styles, and materials for Angel Phan.


After a traveling year was been many places and spending most time studying in US, what did you learn to contribute to Vietnamese Fashion Industry in general and to Angel Phan in particular?

I have studied and learnt many new things: new clothing materials, and 4D tailoring technique.

Could you tell more about the 4D tailoring technique? How can you share you idea to your tailors in order to make a product as your design?

4D is the art of cutting techniques to exploit the most beautiful curves of a woman’s body. When a woman wears a cloth made from this new technique, she will be charming and sophisticated from all aspects: in the front, from behind, and left and right sides. Particularly, Angel Phan is always designed for the most comfortable when wearing with the seam hidden. A woman shape will be shown perfectly. After I finished studying this technique, I directly tailored basic dresses and instructed my tailors.


With this complicated technique, surely the designer has to master it. However, many Vietnamese designers only focus on designing and they don’t directly cut clothes. So, their design ideas may not be the same as they are cut by the tailors. What would you think about this?

Experienced designers must be good at cutting and sewing. Therefore, they will know how to do with every part of a cloth when designing. Then, they will teach their partners. Since a tailor is merely a tailor, the designer has take responsibility to create a cloth ‘a soul’. It’s the most important.

So, what elements does a completed dress need? A designer only need to know drawing, doesn’t he?

Angel Phan complete dress must guarantee 3 factors: cutting technique, materials, and design. For designers, I think, in addition to the ability to produce beautiful design on paper, he or she should know how to cut and sew clothes. I have studied the beauty of a woman body and applied the newest tailoring technique in order to produce the most perfect dress.


Fashion is to make everyone beautiful

After gaining more knowledge about fashion industry oversea, Angel Phan products have had some changes. Could you tell more about these changes?

I have traveled to many places, and learnt from capitals of fashion was been many places with the desire to create artistic fashion collections. Maybe the biggest change of Angel Phan is the three product line: ready-to-wear (for parties, going out), classic (for businesswomen attending parties), and the third product lines which Angel Phan is researching and developing is Fashion (for artists performing on stage or attending formal parties and events.)
However, Angel Phan purposes for those product lines are to apply them to the daily life, since I think fashion is to make everyone beautiful, particularly women.


What product line does the collection “Lady’s night” that Angle Phan has introduced belong to? What age does Angel Phan want to aim at? Besides fashion design, do you have any other passion?

My sole and biggest passion is to make beautiful and highly artistic clothes, and this is the only one I live for (smile). Everyday, being able to make clothes that make people prettier, more confident, and happier really makes me joyful. I am glad with customers’ delight.


Passion and determination to live for fashion by scrupulously and artistically hand-made products, is the price of Angle Phan too high for fashion lover in Vietnam?


Actually, the first thing Angel Phan thinks about when operating fashion business is to study its target customers, and its aimed market. Finally, Angle Phan will select to learn, and research to propose products for successful businesswomen. When setting this objective, Angle Phan has founded a system to control its goal, control the product quality and trend suitable to target customers, and highly concentrate on the products that Angel Phan decided to pursuit. However, those things much meet customers’ need as well as their ability to pay.


Currently, Angel Phan has many loyal customers. Have you ever questioned: “Why do they come to Angel Phan?”

This it what I always think of. In my opinion, a charming and attractive woman is sexy, confident, beautiful, and intelligent and she always knows how to show her sophistication. Angel Phan wants to make the most beautiful clothes that bring out a woman value.


A mysterious woman

You always wish to make women beautiful, and there are confidence, charming, and attraction from you. Would you please share your own secret to stay beautiful? With clothes, what color do you prefer most?

Well, I don’t have many secret. I do not wear make-up in daily life. I often live naturally and simply. Only attending parties or fashion shows, I wear some make-up to make my own style. I often use 3 colors: white, red, and black most. These are 3 basic colors that can combine with other colors. And I want to me a creative woman with some mystery (smile).



In work, you have passion and determination to pursuit your dream until the end. Angel Phan has been very successful. How about your love life?

I have fallen in love twice and both have failed. However, I always appreciate them since they make me stronger and more grown-up. I am thankful to the man for loving me. When I failed in love, when it’s gone, I thank him for coming to me and love me, for bring about beautiful moment, and making my life more interesting, and more colorful.

Failing in love twice, have you sketched out any ideal man for yourself?

Maybe with any woman, she has a wish about her ideal man. To me, I wish my ideal man would be sincere, energetic, and stuff in the business world. When I shared to my friend, she said “Angel! Why don’t you go to the sea and find the needle.” Thinking over it, I see it is very hard to find an ideal one for there is no perfect man as we wish. And finally, I spen all my love for fashion.


Supposedly, you would meet your ideal love while you are very successful in your career. What would you choose, love or your career?

Any woman would like to have both a happy family and a stable career together. However, it’s not easy to balance a successful career and having a happy family, especially for a woman. I am greedy, so I want both. I want to be loved and to live with my love, but I also want to do social work to contribute to the development of the country. If there was a man loving me, and asked me to choose, I think there would be no happiness. That man wouldn’t love and understand me and I couldn’t love who doesn’t understand me. The man understanding me will together with me develop love and career.



And desire to reach out

Besides Angel Phan, I know that you are going to establish another brand name for the international market. What is it? What is the market you are aiming for? And why do you daringly decide it whereas the international fashion industry has developed?

I have nurtured this dream for two years. Last time, I have travelel to many places to learn new knowledge in the fashion industry so that I can not only develop Angel Phan but also be able to establish a new brand with more high-raking than Angel Phan, whose name is original from Italy – Vangelis. In the short tearm, I intend to set up an office in Los Angeles (USA). Although the international fashion industry has developed, I have researched and invested in Vangelis for foreign customers. I know it will be a great challenge and pressure. Thus, I have to work seriously more and more, I have to orient the market segment and customer which I am aiming to. I have to be expert in tailoring technique and materiala as well.


Are you influenced by any international designer?

I have watched many fashion shows, and products of a lot of designer and I live the fashion style of Versace and Valentino most.

When beginning to design a collection, where do you take your inspiration?

I am often inspired by the life around me, by things happening in daily life. For example, I am desiging a collection which calls environment protection. News has recently broadcasted our earth has been heating up, earthquake, and natural disasters took place in many places… With that collection, I would like to bring a message to everbody that we should protect the earth, environment and fututure together. To make this message become pratical meaningful, I use materials close to the nature and can be recycled after used. Moreover, the design is meticulously paid attention so that it can bring the message to everyone can perceive.

Thank you for your sharing. I hope with your continuously passion and effort, you will be supported by audiences and customers.

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